How will my cleaning service gain access to my home?

To clean your home, we will require a key or garage door code to gain access to your home.

Who provides cleaning products, supplies and equipment?

We provide all of the equipment and cleaning supplies. We strive to provide chemical-free cleaning solutions whenever possible. However, if you have specific preferences or needs, please let us know and we can substitute products that you provide where applicable.

Can someone be home while my house is being cleaned?

Most clients prefer NOT to be home during the cleaning, but it is certainly not a requirement. If you are home during the cleaning, please be sure that the technicians are given full access to all areas that they will be cleaning and are not interrupted. If you work from home, our technicians will be happy to clean your home office first in order to minimize disruption to your work day.

What if I need to change my scheduled cleaning days or times?

If you need to change your cleaning schedule, please call us and we'll make every effort to accommodate your request. We do ask for at least 48 hours notice whenever possible.

When and how will I make my payment?

Payment is due when the cleaning is complete. We accept checks and credit cards. You may leave a check on the kitchen counter or we can keep your credit card securely on file in our office.

What if I forget to leave a check on cleaning day?

If you forget to leave a check, our office will contact you for a credit card or to make other arrangements.

If the cleaners break something, who pays for it?

Our cleaning technicians are trained to be conscientious and careful during the cleaning of your home, but accidents can happen. If such an accident occurs, the technician will contact our office and we will contact you. We are insured for your protection (and ours). If you notice an issue, please contact our office as soon as possible.

Who does the cleaning service technically work for?

All of our cleaning technicians are employees of Northern Girls Cleaning Services. No one is your employee, so you don't have to worry about withholding taxes, insurance etc.

What if I'm not happy with the cleaning results?

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. What does this mean? If you are unhappy for any reason, call the office within 24 hours of your cleaning. We will work with you to correct the problem.

Do I tip the cleaning team?

Tipping is not required, but is always appreciated. House cleaners perform a personal service just as hairdressers or waiters do, so tipping is customary, but only when deserved! To add a tip to your credit card charge, please contact our office.

What goes into the cost of cleaning my home?

The cost of clean your home is based on the size of your home, the level of cleaning needed and the condition/cleanliness of your home.

What is and why do we have terms of service?

We have to have policies and procedures in place for our Company to flow in unison with the office, our cleaning technicians and you, our customers. You know ahead of time what to expect and what services we do and don't offer.
Our goal is to provide an efficient high priority pre scheduled service. High retention rates with our cleaning technicians and all around professional service. Integrity in all we do.

How do I get on your schedule?


Refund and Reclean Policy

We have a 24 hr turnaround policy so in the event that any areas are not cleaned to satisfactory on the day of cleaning the client has the responsibility to contact the office within 24 hrs of their appointment and we will return to reclean the areas at no cost
We do not offer refunds. All payments are due at completion of the job.

Change of Service/Work Order

All details of what to expect for cleaning services will have been discussed during your In home Estimate prior to beginning services,however we know that life happens and sometimes changes need to be made.Possibly certain rooms are being painted,plumbing fixed,guests staying, etc. Please notify our office if any changes need to be made to your cleaning visits. Changes must be made within 2 hours of your scheduled visit. This gives us the necessary time to update your work order,as well as notiffy cleaning technician of these changes.

How do I tip my cleaner?

Tipping is not required,however it is always greatly appreciated by our staff. Standard amount is 10%-20% of the cost of service. If you would like to send them a "Thank you" tip contact our office and we will let you know how we process them.

What do you not clean?

WE DO NOT CLEAN ELECTRONICS (TV screens Keyboards,Smart Home Devices,etc)
WE DO NOT WASH WINDOWS (Unless by special request)

Cancelation Policy

All appointments canceled 48 hrs PRIOR to their day/time will not be charged.
All appointments canceled WITHIN 48 hours of their scheduled day/time will be considered a "Last Minute Cancelation" and will be charged 50% of the total cost of services. This is to compensate our staff for the loss of time and work, leaving a gap in their schedule.

Sickness/Covid Policy:

Any cancellations due to illness or Covid exposure will be considered exempt from charges and fees will be waived.
In the event Northern Girls Cleaning Services, LLC needs to cancel your cleaning due to sickness or hazardous road conditions we will provide customer with 1-2 alternative dates/times as soon as possible.

Repeated Cancellation Policy:

Any customers who exceed 4 cancellations within a 60 day period will be notified and automatically moved to monthly cleanings with the monthly quoted price.

Pet Policy

NGCS loves all furry family members so please feel free to leave your people friendly pets in the house,however we ask that if you know your pet will experience anxiety during your cleaning (loud noises, new smells, etc.) please make the necessary arrangements to make sure they are comfortable.

All aggressive animals are required to be kenneled in separate room (which will not be cleaned), or outside during the cleaning. If we arrive to the property and are greeted by an aggressive animal,we reserve the right to not clean your home until necessary arrangements are made.

Insect/Rodent Policy

We expect our customers to maintain and monitor their homes for bugs/pests. We reserve the right to refuse services if home has visible infestation and may require professional pest control services. In such event Northern Girls Cleaning Services LLC will consider this a cancelation and follow standard procedure of the cancelation policy of a 50% charge of services. This is to compensate our staff for loss of time and work, leaving a gap in our schedule.

Trash Policy

We will put all trash in a large bag and place it in an "animal safe" area (Example: Inside the garage) or the Trash bin if it is near the home and accessible. We DO NOT take the trash with us in our vehicles.

Rate Increase

Northern Girls Cleaning Services,LLC reserves the right to increase the customers price at any time. Customer will ALWAYS be notified with ample time ahead of any rate increases.

Entrance/Lock Out Policy

We require access to customers' property on our scheduled day/time. Information regarding entrance to property (door code, key, garage code, etc) must be provided BEFORE service that day.
We DO NOT carry clients keys, so entrance access must be on the property (hidden key, lockbox, garage, door code, etc)
In the event we are locked out of property we will contact the customer immediately and ask for an alternative entrance, or if entrance cannot be provided that same day a Lock Out Fee of 50% of cost of services will be charged to the customers card on file. This is to compensate our staff for the loss of time and work, leaving a gap in our schedule.
Vacuum Policy
We will use the customer's vacuum for each visit,unless it is not available. This is to ensure sanitation, as well as not to bring pet hair/dander from other homes into yours. In the event that the customer does not have a safe and dependable vacuum our cleaning tech will use their backup Shark vacuum.

Photo Policy

NGCS does take non personal before and after photos of First time cleans,Vacant properties, and in the event of an accident. All photos are directly stored in your job file for reference to maintain integrity of work completed.

Payment Processing Policy

ALL clients are required to have a Credit/Debit card on file PRIOR to services beginning, unless previously discussed.
ALLpayments are processed on the day of service.
ALL customers are required to ensure Credit/Debit cards are up to date so payments can be automatically processed after services are completed.

Holiday Schedules

We are closed for all services on major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.
If your Cleaning Service day/time occurs on a major Holiday we will provide our customer with 1-2 alternative days as soon as possible.

Breakage/Damage Policy

Accidents happen. We are covered by Insurance, however every incident is different, and will be thoroughly investigated at time of incident. If there are sentimental or extra fragile items in the home they will be avoided and pre-discussed during your consultation. A note will be added to work order pertaining to not clean or move the item.

Tall Ladder Work Policy

Per our Liability Insurance we are not allowed to step any higher than a 2 step stool or 2 step ladder when cleaning. Cleaning Techs have 6 ft extendable duster.

Moving Furniture Policy

Per our Liability Insurance we are not able to move heavy furniture. If our customer wants us to clean behind a dresser, couch, refrigerator, etc we ask them to move these items. We can move any furniture that can be moved by a foot.

Right to Terminate/Refuse Services

Both customer and NGCS are both at liberty to end services at any time.
Northern Girls Cleaning Services,LLC reserves the right to end services at any time if they feel the customer and NGCS are no longer a good fit due to the following situations:
Home has become an unsanitary situation

Customer has placed expectations which cannot be met within our company

Customer is seeking services NGCS is unable to achieve

Cleaning Technician feels unsafe on the property

Drugs, or other illegal substances are found on the property

Poaching our staff (offering our staff to come and clean privately)